Frontiero Wedding

Nic and Leann could literally be on the Forbes list for being the coolest people on the planet. Their wedding was at The Jam Handy in Detroit and was a day revolved around what they love with a big emphasis on the City they love (and live).... DETROIT!

Their wedding favors were from Local shops, they planned their first look on Belle Isle specifically to get the Detroit skyline in the background, and of course had to use beautiful Belle Isle for bridal party photos as well.

Their food also came from local restaurants/food trucks which was 100% THE BEST Wedding Food I've ever had.... Hands down...

Side Note: I know this is super random, but I need to tell the short story. So here it is... After going to Thailand, GOOD Thai food has been So (and I can't stress this enough) hard to find in Michigan. I've searched Thai restaurants high and low for food that was authentic enough to fit the VERY high standard I had set from my vacation.... A local vendor from Detroit called Gajiza Dumplins was one of the caterers for Nic and Leann's wedding and they absolutely KILLED it. The most authentic and honestly possibly the best Thai food I've ever had... right in Detroit! It blew my mind!

Anyway, besides the amazing food, Leann and Nic were surrounded by super amazing and supportive friends and family and danced the night away! One of my favorite shots from the wedding that Jam Handy allows is from the upper level looking down on everyone, and we were miraculously able to get a super fun group picture! Not something that every wedding allows me to do, and a moment that will be cherished forever!

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