Ranney Wedding

Morgan and Jac are another pair of my favorite people on planet earth. They threw a small wedding that was 100% about the two of them and didn't cater to anyone else! Their wedding was filled with love, and a tight-knit group of friends and family they have known for their entire lives.

As if these two couldn't get lucky enough, their ceremony was beautiful and as they were walking back down the aisle to the barn, it started DOWNPOURING RAIN! I'm a pretty big believer in old wives tales, and it is said once you've tied the knot it's harder to untie if it's gotten wet. Although no one "likes" rain on their wedding day I thought it was a beautiful sign that Morgan and Jac are definitely meant to be together.

This wedding was so beautiful, fun and welcoming to everyone who attended!

To see Morgan and Jag's entire wedding day (and their engagement photos!) click the link! Ranney Wedding Gallery

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