Most Adventurous Places to Get Married in Michigan

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

The state of Michigan is more well known in the Wedding Industry for Barn Venues and Open Fields… However, you have plenty more options than that that are rarely taken advantage of!

Michigan is the state I call home and (in my opinion) is one of the most diverse states in the country.. especially to get married in! To our West, we have miles of rolling sand dunes, lavender fields and light houses. At our center we have quaint Lakes and Ponds around every corner, and some of the tallest pines on earth! To the East we have the booming city of Detroit known for its elegant skyscrapers and beautiful historic architecture. And of course, to the North we have the Mighty Mack, Waterfalls, Mountains and miles of trails to hike!

And since I love my home state so much, lets get to the point of this blog post…

Here’s my List of Coolest Places in Michigan to Get Married:

1. Elope at the top of a Michigan Lighthouse - Yup, lighthouses and more lighthouses… I have seen a couple of elopements done at the top of a lighthouse and quite honestly, I stan MORE. This is such a magical and unique idea! Grab a bnb’ somewhere nearby for the weekend and have your own quaint and quiet mini-getaway. Picture a sweet morning getting ready with your fiancé and then make your way to the top of your hand-picked Michigan Lighthouse while you take in the crazy amazing views and exchange vows with each other in the (literally) closest and most intimate way possible. Most lighthouses have room for 2 people squeezed between the rails around them so you can see how this would (again literally) bring you closer together when exchanging vows. Here’s a list of Michigan Lighthouses you might consider when thinking about getting married at one!

(click photo to see full blog post)

For more lighthouses check out this link:

2. Get Married at the Sand Dunes - I’m sure by now most of you have seen the photo epic-ness that Sand Dunes can create. Calling all minimalist engaged couples this is 100% for you. Nothing is more cool than you and your boo frolicking in a GIANT sea of sand by yourselves and feeling the breeze in your hair after exchanging vows. Michigan Sand Dunes can make your wedding feel like it’s in the middle of the Sahara desert without the travel, and with a little more access to fresh water. In Michigan we have Sand Dunes all over the place. The most well known would be Silver Lake Sand Dunes and Sleeping Bear Dunes in the lower peninsula and Grand Sable Dunes in the Upper Peninsula. The Arcadia Dunes are also BEAUTIFUL.

(click photo to see full gallery - blog post)

3. Get Married at Pictured Rocks on a Glass Bottom Boat - I’ve thought of a few options for this, you could go the adventure route and explore the hiking trails of pictured rocks with gorgeous views of Lake Michigan on the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (12 Mile Beach)… OR If you know the Upper Peninsula, you know that anyone will have a really a hard time experiencing the true beauty of Pictured Rocks if you’re not in a boat or a kayak. So, my first thought was… RENT A BOAT! This might be a higher-end option, but none the less extraordinary, so unique and freaking epic. This area of Michigan is also known for Ship wreckages, so there are multiple cruising tour boats you could most likely contact that might make your dreams come true. My first thought was to try and rent one of the glass bottom boats from the shipwreck tour companies in Michigan. This would give you the room to be able to invite your closest friends and family, have a super one of a kind experience and get married with the BEST view of the pictured rocks. Here are a couple of links to tour boat companies that might be able to make your (my) dreams come true.

4. Elope Under a Waterfall - Munising Waterfall, Memorial Waterfall and Tannery Waterfall are your best bets at getting married underneath a waterfall in Michigan. Munising being the most promising, yet also the most popular and also offers stunning views from the top. Due to the locations and demeanor of each of the waterfalls this option is perfect for an engaged couple who wants to have an adventure elopement, but doesn’t want to spend days hiking to their location. Each of these waterfalls is less than a 5 mile hike and is an easy day trip if you rent an airbnb close to Munising. And… if you get married at one of them, you can spend the rest of your time checking out the others! There are permits and licenses you have to acquire when you choose this option so make sure to look into those as well! Here are some helpful links…

Regardless of these images not being taken in Michigan... this is SO SIMILAR to what you could have in front of any of the waterfalls listed above!! Flippin GORGEOUS.

(click photo for credit link)

5. Mountain Elopement - Yep, we have those here too… If you want to Elope with a stellar view you might want to put these places on your list to check out.

- Lake of the Clouds, Porcupine Mountain (UP)

- Grand Portal Point, Picture Rocks National Lakeshore (UP)

- Arch Rock, Mackinac Island (UP)

You can find more trails and tons of different spots on Porcupine Mountain’s Website!

These are the kind of images we might capture If you decide to Elope in the Porcupines... (click photo for credit link)

Honorable Mention places you may want to look up to Elope in Michigan would be;

- Apostle Islands (UP)

- Copper Harbor (UP)

- Mackinac Island

- The Might Mac Bridge (Connects Peninsulas)

- Detroit, Yes I said it. You can adventure through a City too. Detroit has so many unique things to offer with old architecture, new buildings, to beautiful city and river views.

There you have it, folks… the best, most unique and adventurous places you will find to get married or elope in Michigan!

If you think one of these ideas is perfect for your Michigan wedding or elopement, fill out my inquiry form Here because I'd love to photograph it!!

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