How to get the Wedding Photographer of Your Dreams on a Budget

So, to start off I touched on a bit of this on my instagram. (@scarletandsaltphoto)

Being a wedding photographer, I can definitely say yes, those of us who are seasoned and professional, are definitely not cheap and usually make the Top 4 in “largest dent in the wedding budget.”

But we have a good reason for it. Your wedding photos will be the one standing memory of one of the most important days of your lives as a couple.

Most engaged couples don’t realize that just because your wedding budget may be tight (lets say $15,000.00 for a traditional 150-200 guest wedding) that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice wedding photos that are insta-gold!

Coming from a photographer stand-point, spending money on photos to me doesn’t sound as painful as it might seem to regular engaged couples. But I can promise you it pays off.

The first key to getting the photographer of your dreams to photograph your wedding is… Just book them!

Yes, this may be “easier said than done” but it’s true. If you really want good quality, lasting photos for generations to come it’s what you should do. There’s no sense in throwing an epic giant party for the two of you as newlyweds and having mediocre documentation.

So - say your photographer costs $6,000.00 and now you freak that you have spent nearly half of your 15 thou budget.

Don’t freak!!! (again easier said than done)

There are so many ways that you can make room for the most important things to you on your day! (Although, Photography in my honest opinion will always be at the very top of the list)

Here are a few simple ways to lower the cost of your traditional wedding to get your dream vendors.